Mautic Documentation

Mautic - vtiger CRM plugin

This plugin can push a contact to the vTiger CRM when a contact makes some action.

If you don't have a vTiger CRM account yet, create it.

Authenticate the vTiger plugin

To authenticate the Mautic plugin to be able to communicate with vTiger CRM you'll need these credentials:

  • vTiger URL - the base (root) URL starting with http:// or https:// where your vTiger instance runs. For example
  • vTiger username - The username (email address usually) which you use to log in to your vTiger.
  • vTiger access key - The access key published in your vTiger profile. To get it, go to vTiger's My Preferences. The Access Key hash is at the bottom of the page.

Fill these 3 credentials to the Mautic plugin and click Authenticate.

Configure the vTiger CRM plugin

If you want to use the plugin, you have to publish it. Set the Publish switch to Yes.

In the Features tab is just Push contacts to this integration checkbox and it is checked by default.

Configure the field mapping.

Save the plugin configuration.

Test the plugin

Follow these steps to test the integration.