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Web Notifications

Web notifications integrate One Signal. Using your ownOne Signal accounts, you can now push a notification to their browser (with the contacts permission). Enable these in Mautic's Configuration to see them listed under Channels in the menu.

For more informations see One Signal documentation


1. Create One Signal account and app
2. Setup app Website Push Platforms in you app

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox configuration example

Apple Safari (macOS) configuration example

3. Setup Mautic

Enable Web Notification and copy keys from OneSignal to your Mautic > Settings > Configuration - Web Notification Settings tab

4. Test

All visitors with supported browser will be ask receive notification on all you Mautic landing pages. Create campaign and use Push Website notification action.

Welcome Notifications

Option to allow disable welcome notifications. For more informations see One Signal documentation


Option gcm_sender_id is a shared key used for push notifications. Use default value 482941778795. Previously it required your own key. Due backwards compatibility is editable (for older Mautic).