Mautic Documentation

Manage Segments

Lead lists were renamed to segments in Mautic 1.4.0.

Segments provide ways to easily organize your contacts. These segments can be configured from a variety of fields.

When viewing all segments you will notice the column on the right which shows the number of contacts matching that particular segment.

Segment Filters

In addition, these filters can be combined to either be inclusive or exclusive depending on your needs.

Once you have selected the field you can then choose the type of operation to perform. These vary depending on the way you wish to filter your contacts.

If you want to divide your segment based on certain criterion, and you wish to avoid sending duplicate emails to the (sub)segments, you can view and alter them through typing the alias name of the contact segments separated by '+' only. You can add n contact segments to have their common, but you will always recieve the result as intersection of the subsets. You can then manipulate the contacts to remove it from either one subset or all, hence avoiding dupliacte emails to the same leads in the subsets.


Once you have created your segment, any applicable contact will be automatically added through the execution of a cron job. This is the essence of segments.

To keep the segments current, create a cron job that executes the following command at the desired interval:

php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:segments:update --env=prod

Through the execution of that command, contacts that match the filters will be added and contacts that no longer match will be removed. Any contacts that were manually added will remain part of the list regardless of filters.

Manual Addition

In addition to segments you can also manually add any contact to a list by clicking the Preferences button at the segments tab, use the dropdown to select a segment and add the contact to it or click on the x next to a segment in the input field to remove the contact.